Exhibition Map

Artist Nicolas Holiber in partnership with New York City Audubon, Broadway Mall Association, New York City Parks Department, and Gitler &_____ Gallery, present “Nicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway, Audubon Sculpture Project”. This ambitious public-art initiative will debut in April 2019 with the mission of drawing attention to the plight of birds threatened by climate change while simultaneously bringing beauty to the urban landscape.

In September 2014, the National Audubon Society released its Birds & Climate Change Report, which warned that half of all North American bird species will be imperiled over the coming decades due to shifting and contracting habitat zones as a result of global warming. The twelve birds chosen for the Audubon Sculpture Project have been selected by the artist from among the 145-threatened species that reside in or migrate through New York City.

Holiber will create his much-larger-than-life sculptures from reclaimed wood sourced in the city itself and left untreated to allow for natural forces to make their mark on the birds. From April to December 2019, all twelve sculptures will be displayed in prominent locations along the Broadway Mall, stretching from 64th Street north to 166th Street in Manhattan. Each sculpture will be accompanied by information about the bird, the threats it faces, and what concerned passersby can do to help. This will mark the twelfth sculpture show from the Broadway Mall Association. Past exhibiting artists include: Joy Brown, Don Gummer, Saint Clair Cemin, Peter Woytuk, Manolo Valdés, Carole Eisner, Chakaia Booker, Boaz Vaadia, and Tom Otterness among others.