Hairy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker.jpg

Although quite widely distributed and tolerant of a varied array of forest types, the Hairy Woodpecker is generally uncommon. In some regions, it is thought to be at risk from forest fragmentation. The species is largely sedentary. Audubon's climate model projects a 78 percent loss of current summer range by 2080, with a strong shift northward noticeable at both seasons. Assuming this non-migratory bird can even make it to the more northern reaches of the continent, where suitable climate is predicted to occur, it will face the challenge of finding forests. But if boreal forests do penetrate north and if Hairy Woodpeckers follow—two big ifs—a range expansion may be in the offing.

Text courtesy of The National Audubon Society


The Hairy Woodpecker will be located along the Broadway Mall at 120th Street.